Wild Atlantic Way Products

Producers of a range of seaweed products such as seaweed oil, seaweed teas, seaweed butters, seaweed seasoning and seaweed salad dressings.

"We are located at,inspired by, and a great lovers of the rugged coastline and pristine waters of the Wild Atlantic Way of West Cork, Ireland. This is where a huge enthusiasm for the benefits and the wonders of seaweed was born. After years of experimental recipes of all things seaweed, the production of seaweed products became an obvious progression such as seaweed oil, seaweed teas, seaweed butters, seaweed cashews, seaweed seasoning, seaweed salad dressing etc.

Our seaweed food products which are all sustainable hand harvested, give us the magic of natural msg and will take on and enhance the flavours with which you are cooking, resulting in mouth bursting unami. We conduct educational and fun seaweed workshops, where you are shown how to identify and sustainably hand harvest seaweed, followed by a full hands on cooking demonstration from anything from 5 -7 courses. Recipe and information booklet, dinner and drinks included."

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