Mews Restaurant

Mews Restaurant is a destination. The end of the road. You can find us down a lane, in the small seaside village of Baltimore; at the South-West tip of Ireland. An unlikely place for a restaurant, one might think. But, if you scratch the surface, you will see the reason why we chose here rather than anywhere else: the extraordinary ingredients.

This part of West Cork has a deep culture of gastronomy- of small-scale agriculture, market-gardening and fishing. The warm currents which hit this coastline allow this peninsula to flourish with growth and ripening. Fishing boats land the freshest fish just metres away from the kitchen door. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic hunters, anglers & foragers provide us with the most diverse indigenous ingredients available in this country. We pride ourselves on serving 100% West Cork ingredients gathered daily from small-scale suppliers, and we go to great effort to ensure we are serving the very best. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our restaurant.

Our customers come from far and wide- sailors stopping for an evening in Baltimore's sheltered harbour; holidaymakers who fill the holiday homes during the summer months; tourists from everywhere- stopping for a day or two as they make their way along the Wild Atlantic Way; and the local people of West Cork, who enjoy a good meal out as much as the rest. Baltimore is a friendly haven for visitors, and all are welcome here. 

So, come stay a night in Baltimore, visit our restaurant and experience an honest taste of time and place. A warm welcome awaits.​

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