Who Are They?

Giana and Tom Ferguson are the sixth generation to tend a 250-acre dairy farm close to the fishing village of Schull in West Cork. It’s the most south-westerly cheese dairy in Ireland, in wild, coastal country but sheltered by the high slopes of Mount Gabriel.

What are they best known for?

Gubbeen Cheese. Made with the milk from their own herds, in their own dairy. The family farm also produces over 50 different types of smoked meats, with Giana and Tom’s son Fingal now regarded as one of the masters of the craft.

How Do They Do It?

The Gubbeen philosophy is simple. Produce from their own farm, crafted with their own hands, in keeping with the changing seasons.

Have They Been Successful?

Over 35 years, the Gubbeen name has become synonymous, at home and abroad, with the very best of the cheese-making craft.

What Is Their Philosophy?

As Giana says; “Local and seasonal is best!”

What Does The Future Hold?

The family are busy putting more of their produce into the thriving and ever expanding farmers’ markets scene in Cork and across our island. Gubbeen cheeses and charcuterie are also popping up in more and more markets and restaurants around the world.

Can I Meet The Maker?

Yes, they regularly host visits and events at their farm, for more details visit their website. The harbour village of Schull and the surrounding countryside is one of the most beautiful regions of Cork, is a relaxed hour and forty minutes’ drive from the city and has a thriving, innovative food culture.

Are They On Social Media?

Yes, @gubbeen on Twitter, and on Instagram.

And Finally, What’s Their Pro-Tip When It Comes to Food, Drink or Entertaining?

Giana’s advice is characteristically simple; “buy local – and always have a cheeseboard!”

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The Ferguson family have worked Gubbeen Farm for many generations now. It is a 250 acre coastal farm in West Cork one mile outside the fishing vill...