Shop, Sample & Socialise

There is no better way to experience Cork’s unique, innovative and constantly evolving food culture than to spend a few hours (or more) at one of our many farmers’ markets.

This is Cork food in the raw, with produce, tastes and creations straight from our fields, waters and kitchens.

At last count, Cork City & County had over 25 regular weekly markets – and that’s not counting the festivals, pop-ups and informal affairs you will find almost everywhere you go.

Our farmer’s markets represent the best of our land, our sea and ourselves. They are colourful, lively places to meet and eat, have a little graze, chat to your fellow foodies and learn from the producers, chefs and creators.

Immerse yourself in Cork’s famed food culture. Dive right in. Talk to the producers, socialise with people who are passionate about food. Chat, sample and select the best we have to offer. When it comes to our craft, our knowledge and our time, you’ll find we love to share.

Look locally or take a road trip - some of our favourite farmers markets, by region, are: